What is driving the ECM and CMS marketplaces in 2009?

The ECM and CMS  markets are consolidating and changing according to the demands of users, regulations and the needs of the enterprise environment.  To summarize I have created a list of key drivers pushing the the content management market in 2009.

- Compliance and information retention are receiving more attention.  Organizations need to not only control but also archive content being distributed to their partners, customers, etc.

- Organizations are increasingly looking for ways to “distribute” content across channels.  No longer is it about driving users to a single web site, but distributing content across social networks (facebook), fan pages, micro blogs (twitter), blogs, wikis(wikipedia), mobile,  rss,  web services, news aggregators, widgets, etc.  As content becomes smaller, segmented and more relevant, the focus is not on the maintenance and centralization of large pieces of content, but on the distribution and delivery of an organizations content across channels, devices, and boundaries.  The distribution of content should be factored into ECM/CMS strategy.

- Users are increasingly adopting user-generated content tools such as blogging, micro-blogging, comments, ratings, wikis, instant messaging.  User-generated content capabilities should be a component of content management system, especially when positioning for the future.

- Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Widgets, and Web 2.0 sites are becoming the primary interface into content production.  These mediums provide real time content production and deployment to users and business groups.

- Digital Asset Management features are gaining momentum. Due to the high cost of production, organizations are looking for ways to cut costs, especially when it comes to expensive photo/video shoots.  Digital asset management provides a way to centralize and share creative assets across an organization.

- Mobile internet is a growing market in the North America.  However, throughout the rest of the world, mobile is the primary interface to the internet.

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