How will social media and CMS or ECM converge?

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Razorfish just released a great report at This report shows the ever growing importance of social media within the digital landscape. An interesting topic that is hard to grasp the is how enterprises will gain control of social media and centralized federated content into one holistic or a mashup of content repositories. As social media expands, a greater importance of archival, compliance, retention will grow in the future as content expands. We are seeing content growth within organizations at 100+% year over year. When you think of fortune 100 companies, that amount is massive in sheer size. Many solutions in play such a Autonomy/Interwoven, SharePoint, Filenet, etc… just do not have a clear method of how companies will centralized content being distributed across social media and other off domain channels. Content is becoming more segmented and portable, but how will organizations retain and process all the vast entries of user submitted comments and content. Content is becoming federated and spread across channels, but how will content phone home and be stored?

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