Content Targeting and Optimization: CMS vs. Analytics Solutions

Many CMS vendors have been busy incorporating richer targeting functionality into their CMS product. For example, Interwoven acquired Optimost and also incorporates targeting capabilities in its LiveSite product, Sitecore is coming with an Online Marketing Suite , Tridion has its Unified Online Marketing Suite and Fatwire has had targeting capabilities for a long time. At the same time, analytics vendors are now in the same market, with Omniture offering Test & Target, Google offering Website Optimizer , and yesterday Webtrends announcing they are acquiring Widemile.
Obviously, CMS vendors need to move beyond basic content management. Offering targeting capabilities is very attractive, as it is an area where CMS vendors can claim direct results and clear ROI, justifying the investment companies make in buying their products…

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4 thoughts on “Content Targeting and Optimization: CMS vs. Analytics Solutions”

  1. Great point Matt, and I totally agree. As Martin mentioned, I’ve been blogging about this concept of where WCM technology and the overall marketplace must evolve towards. I did a guest blog spot the other day and went into more details beyond the why behind this shift here:

    The bottom line is that customers don’t buy WCM technology because they want well managed content…they want better business results from their websites. And that’s what vendors like Sitecore are evolving their products to more directly support: better business results from the web.

  2. This is so true. Success in CMS is not only delivery/storage of content, but also well a solution can leverage targeting and advanced optimization to deliver relevant content to the right audience. We are seeing the analytics market arm up on content management/distribution and the WCM market quickly add targeting and analytics features as well. The lines between these areas are now becoming blurred, especially in an economic landscape where ROI is the key to success and getting budgets approved through large organizations.

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