CMS in the Cloud, an opportunity. How will it play out?

The cloud is a very broad term covering many angles from services to infrastructure.  This topic is very relevant within CMS space. Frankly the time to market for many CMS solutions can be large and significant, especially within the Enterprise market-space.  CMS setup, development, customization and cluster maintenance can be very cumbersome to say the least. Members of the CMS community are all familiar with the time and effort to bring a high performance CMS cluster online and support it.    As content consumption patterns shift from traditional web pages to a more multi-channel content  ecosystem (mobile, website, tablets, widgets, game consoles, kiosks, etc), the demand for highly scalable and near real-time CMS will be needed.  The movement to a real-time web will exponential increase resource requirements of CMS solutions as they try to manage more content in a shorter time frame. Innovative CMS solutions will need an agile and flexible home that expands and contracts with shifts in demand due to marketing campaigns, events, and overall increases in consumption . Cloud services from Rackspace and Amazon provide an excellent foundation to establish a CMS foundation.  They allow the ability to quickly allocate space, bandwidth, and instances in direct response to demand.  I am especially interested to see how the traditional vendors like Oracle, Autonomy, Tridion, Sitecore and others address this trend and enable their solutions to quickly be installed and setup within these dynamic Cloud infrastructures.  I see movement from open source community like solutions that combine Drupal, Joomla, Alfresco, Liferay, and others, however big players have yet to show a significant presence. How will it play out? wait and see.. but I see blue ocean possibilities.   -

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14 thoughts on “CMS in the Cloud, an opportunity. How will it play out?”

  1. Totally agree Matthew!

    I have termed this CMSaaS (let’s see if it catches on) and this is of particular interest in the Mobile space, especially with the rise of HTML 5 based Hybrid Apps. Trying to find Drupal or WordPress skills in the mobile arena is a nightmare and so having a remote CMS that just works is by far the best solution. Other solutions are to just host Drupal on AWS or a Node.js MBaaS. I see some real innovation in this space but there are no real market leaders yet. Everybody seems to want CMSaaS but nobody seems to want to offer it, there must be something holding people back and personally I think it is confusion around CMS, WCMS and WMS meaning that people don’t always know what they want or who to ask for help.


  2. Don’t forget Webpop!
    We’ve been at this for some time. Streamlining the workflow for creating fully custom cloud-powered sites that are ridiculously easy to update.

    Like the article suggests, we run on Rackspace and deeply integrate with Akamai CDN.

  3. Yes, KitGUI is pretty awesome. I’ve been using it for a couple months now and my clients think I’m a genius because they had an existing website without CMS and I could just put it in there so fast.

  4. Jaenovation Content Management solutions is a complete cloud CMS/Ecommerce product. Jaenovation CMS/Ecommerce also allows you to manage multiple sites via one backend and provides 30+ built in modules.

    links is

    sign up risk free one month free trial to try product.

  5. APICMS is not a cloud based cms but it has all features like an cloud based one. it is very simple and leightweight and offers only an rest API to access the content and uploaded images. thats it. now you can integrate the content to your static html page with onley 3 lines of php code in the div container where the dynamic content should be.

    the main advantage of this script is that you can host it on your own servers so you dont have to give your content in hands of others.
    check out the script. you can download a free version!

  6. Osmek recently debuted as the first cloud cms with a robust api for development. You should check it out, its a revolutionary idea for content management. No installation, develop in any language, a beautiful gui, what more could you ask for?

  7. It’s going to be a whole before we see any CMS cloud offering from the liked of Oracle, Autonomy. Acquia have recently lanched Drupal Gardens which is a cloud based service which looks very promising.
    There are a host of reasons why we are not moving onto the cloud more quickly, the main reason is organizational change where budgets and contracts are set and awarded years for 3, 4 even 5 years. Come renewal time some clients are demanding CMS in the cloud but then have to consider other issues such as integration with CRM & other back offices systems.

    I think it will happen eventually but first we have to disrupt the business models of software sales we have created!

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