Jump-start CMS: Use Drupal’s Acquia for Free

By Matthew Johnson
Senior Technical Architect
Razorfish CMS Center of Excellence


In the past, installing Drupal consists of the painful tasks of downloading, unzipping, setting up MySQL, changing permissions, running setup, changing permissions again, and then spending hours researching, downloading and installing various plugins/modules.  This can create a significant barrier to adoption.  However, Drupal now has Acquia. Acquia is Drupal 6.X bundle that is aligned with the Acquia’s commercial services and technical support.   If you want to leverage the Acquia support services, it will cost you $500-$3000+, which can be attractive to some users.  Acquia provides a pre-packaged bundle of Drupal Core and plugins/modules needed for Web 2.0, Communities, Performance, Caching, Search, Blogging, Comments, and Ratings.

The best part about Acquia is you can use the distribution to jump-start your CMS project without signing up for Acquia services. Acquia has a public SVN repository that you can use to update/patch your distribution.  If you chose to, you can download the Acquia Drupal distribution and manually disable all the Acquia specific services …. before you know it you have a fully operational Drupal 6.X environment.  This directly alleviates the time consuming process of downloading,installing, and configuring Drupal Modules after installation.

Download it here: http://acquia.com/downloads

Good Review on Acquia:http://webdevnews.net/2008/10/acquia-drupal-released-with-partnership-opportunities-for-developers/

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